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9月 29, 2006

立川1705 発大宮行むさしの

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立川1705 発大宮行むさしの

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9月 22, 2006

clippin’ of today

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Who Is Jonathan Ive?
Japanese Fret That Quality Is in Decline – New York Times Opinion China + U.S. = G-2, the New World Economic Order: William Pesek
【海難記】 Wrecked on the Sea – 松岡正剛『千夜千冊』を紙で買うのは誰か?

9月 15, 2006

[.NET] How to use .NET Controls hosted within IE from JavaScript

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Simple way to expose a .NET WinForm control as an ActiveX control in any HTML page – The Code Project – C# Controls
15 Seconds : Hosting .NET Windows Forms Controls in IE
use IE hosted .NET Control with JavaScript – Google 検索
HOW TO: Use the IEHost Log to Debug .NET Object Hosting in Internet Explorer
How to use the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute to call an assembly that has a strong name from a Web page by using Visual C# .NET or Visual C# 2005
猪股健太郎の雑記 | .NETのWindows FormsコントロールをIE上でホストする場合の覚書
Internet Explorer を使用したランタイム アプリケーションの配置

9月 4, 2006

[IHT] ヨーロッパにおける出生率の低下

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Europe, East and West, wrestles with falling birthrates – Europe – International Herald Tribune

Throughout Europe, women have delayed having children, or opted out entirely, as they have become more educated and better integrated into the labor market. But the free fall in births is most precipitous and most recent here in Eastern Europe, where Communist-era state incentives that made it economical to have children – from free apartments to subsidized child care – have been phased out even as costs have skyrocketed.

see also:

As Japan’s population ages, its stores hurry to adapt – Asia – Pacific – International Herald Tribune

Since convenience stores were introduced to Japan from the United States three decades ago, they have largely served a youthful clientele, men in their 20s and 30s who spent an average of three minutes in a store, while youngsters often idled out front. But in a sign of Japan’s rapidly graying society, these stores associated with the young are being transformed to cater to the elderly. で無料サイトやブログを作成.