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7月 31, 2006


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On Off and Beyond: ミドルクラスの地盤沈下

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Talking Points – The Rise of the Super-Rich by Teresa Tritch – New York Times


7月 24, 2006

[ASP.NET 2.0] Building a Tab Control.

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Tabstrip within ASP.NET 2.0 – Building a Composite Control – The Code Project – ASP.NET


In this article I explain how to create a tabstrip control within ASP.NET 2.0 using existing controls. We all had hoped with the release of .NET 2.0, Microsoft would incorporate many more needed and everyday Webform controls, such as a TreeView, Menus, TabStrip, LoginXXX, etc, and they did for the most part. They provided us with more controls then we know what to do with, however, there is still no TabStrip within ASP.NET 2.0. But there is good news, with three of the new 2.0 controls (System.Web.UI.WebControls.MultiView, System.Web.UI.WebControls.View, and System.Web.UI.WebControls.Menu) a tabstrip is actually quite easy to build.

Instead of building a webform page with these controls incorporated into the page, I will build a System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompositeControl, which is also new within the 2.0 framework.

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7月 21, 2006


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Open Tech Press | 「伽藍とバザールを融合した品質保証」について語るMichlmayr氏


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X/O (NOT O/R) impedance mismatch

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Revealing the X/O impedance mismatch

When engaging in X/O mapping, i.e., when viewing XML data as objects or vice versa, one faces various conceptual and technical challenges~—~they may be collectively referred to as the `X/O impedance mismatch’. There are these groups of challenges. (i) The XML data model and the object data model differ considerably. (ii) The native XML programming model differs from the normal OO programming model. (iii) The typical type systems for XML and objects differ considerably, too. (iv) Some of the differences between data models and between type systems are more like idiosyncrasies on the XML site that put additional burden on any X/O mapping effort. (v) In some cases, one could ask for slightly more, not necessarily XML-biased language expressiveness that would improve X/O mapping results or simplify efforts.

The present article systematically investigates the mismatch in depth. It identifies and categorizes the various challenges. Known mitigation techniques are documented and assessed; several original techniques are proposed. The article is somewhat biased in that it focuses on XML Schema as the XML type system of choice and on C\# as the OO programming language of choice. In fact, XSD and C\# are covered quite deeply. Hence, the present article qualifies as a language tutorial of `the other kind’.

7月 14, 2006

[Life] 信念と社会と

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404 Blog Not Found:信念に法を破壊する力があるならば



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7月 6, 2006

[clippin] Windows Notepad Bug!

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やねうらお-よっちゃんイカ(ry – notepadのバグ

27B Stroke 6

If you’re a Windows user, open Notepad and type in this phrase, without the quote marks and with no carriage return: “Bush hid the facts”. Now save it and open it again.

The subversive text is probably gone, replaced by a line of white boxes, or Chinese characters if you have the font.


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7月 3, 2006

[tips][Windows] PS for windows

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ScottGu’s Blog : Tip/Trick: List Running ASP.NET Worker Processes and Kill/Restart them from the command-line

どっとねっとふぁんBlog : tasklist と taskkill

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[clippin] TAX!

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404 Blog Not Found:納税者に税務署員までやらせる国

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[politics] 橋本龍太郎氏 死去

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官僚と政治家のパワーバランスを語る上で、橋本政権下の動きについて改めて分析、評価が必要だと思うが、まだ生臭いので表に出すことができないのだろうか。橋本龍太郎元首相が死去 68歳 – 政治

中央省庁再編や財政再建に取り組んだ橋本龍太郎(はしもと・りゅうたろう)元首相が1日午後2時、多臓器不全と敗血症性ショックのため、東京都内の病院で 死去した。68歳だった。首相退任後、当時の自民党最大派閥「平成研究会」の会長となったが、再び立候補した01年総裁選で小泉首相に敗れた。日本歯科医 師連盟からの1億円献金隠し事件の責任を取って派閥会長を辞任し、昨年の総選挙を機に引退した。


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