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2月 24, 2006

If the cheap yen vanishes, will carry-trade bettors panic?

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Commentary: If the cheap yen vanishes, will carry-trade bettors panic? – Print Version – International Herald Tribune

Surprisingly strong economic growth in Japan is raising many eyebrows, not least those at the central bank, which is anxious to scrap its policy of zero interest rates.

There can be little doubt that 5.5 percent growth between October and December pushed the Bank of Japan further in that direction. Oddly, there are few signs that global markets are bracing for higher debt yields in Japan.

Why? Japanese rates have been negligible for so long that investors take them for granted. This, after all, is the economy that cried wolf too many times. The reason investors are not ecstatic about Japan’s recovery is the sense that we’ve been here before – many times.


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